What CloudGuide Commits to:
  • If selected, we will develop the full audioguide for your institution professionally recorded in up to 2 languages (your institution language + English, for English speaking countries we review the need for the second language case by case).
    • Do not worry about the content side: you might have the script already done internally or you might have nothing – our copyright team will draft it for you based on any information you can share with us.
  • No hidden fees, revenue share.
    • We will help you get it running absolutely for free, investing exclusively our resources from the CloudGuide Booster Fund. But we are in this together, therefore we offer this support based on the revenue share collaboration – we will split the income coming from the future users of the audioguide.
  • No maintenance cost.
    • As your visitors use their own phones, there is no maintenance cost involved for you. All the app updates, technical compatibility with the main mobile platforms, new features are on us.
  • Full setup and technical implementation.
    • You do not need any technical expertise, we will do that for you.
  • Promotion materials and training.
    • We will develop all the promotional materials personalized for your institution so you can let your visitors know about the audioguide. We are also happy to help you with training your staff so they feel comfortable with the app.
  • Flexibility
    • We know every institution is different. So if you really want us to help you with your audioguide services but feel like some requirement doesn’t fit you, get in touch filling out the last question in the Questionnaire (“Share any issues/questions/doubts you have”) and we will see what we can do for you.

Any question?
Fill out the form here and put any doubts you have in your reply to the last question or send them by email to info@cloudguide.me.