CloudGuide COVID-19 Support Fund. Apply to get funded.
The Fund is currently releasing the last available funding as it will be soon transformed into another vehicle. If you would like to apply, please feel free to fill the form above. Please make sure to do it as soon as possible as the slots are limited. Selected applicants will get awarded with a full audioguide solution to help them attract more visitors and bring an additional source of revenue. You can check the full conditions here.

CloudGuide COVID-19 Support Fund.   For the past 2 years, we've been forced into self-isolation and movement limitations for an important cause of fighting the Covid-19 crisis. Museums, cultural heritage sites and tourist attractions have been closed for the same reason: they have had no visitors and no revenue, the future of many of them is still unsure at the moment. 

We have a set of funding opportunities available through the CloudGuide Support Fund with the aim of supporting cultural and tourist sites in the difficult process of recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

With the use of this Fund, we will offer Digital Audioguides to selected cultural sites and tourist attractions for free for 2 years. We will develop a full audioguide solution, ready to use for visitors on their own mobile devices and bring extra revenue to the selected sites. 

The Fund also reserves a part of the funding for institutions that have audioguides already developed and now are in the need of a digital and touch-free platform of communication.

Benefits you will get access to:
Hygiene. Visitors will be more hygiene concerned now – no one will want to use the audioguide touched by someone else before. So you might have to invest into plastic bags, sanitizers and gloves for your audioguides. CloudGuide takes this headache away from you and helps you go deviceless – visitors can use their own phone.
Exposure. CloudGuide unites all the tourist attractions in one app, therefore you can get exposure to the visitors of all the other sites you will be sharing the platform with. Join over 1200 cultural institutions from 26 countries already on the platform.
Revenue. Audioguide is a value add for your visitors that can make their experience more engaging and memorable. Therefore, visitors are happy to pay for it. Get access to a new revenue source with zero investment.

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