These days we are forced into "the new normality" for an important cause of fighting the Covid-19 crisis. Museums, cultural heritage sites and tourist attractions have been closed for the same reason for the past 3 months. Now the time to reopen is finally coming.

To join the fight against the COVID-19 crisis, we are announcing the CloudGuide COVID-19 Summer Offer with the aim of supporting cultural and tourist sites in the difficult process of recovery from the current crisis and help them to go fully digital in the first three months in the "new normality".  

Your audience will be more hygiene concerned now – no one will want to use the audioguide touched by someone else before, neither the government and health organizations are recommending it. So you might have to invest in plastic bags, sanitizers and gloves for your audioguides or leave them in their closets. 

CloudGuide takes this headache away from you and helps you go deviceless – visitors can use their own phone. It's a fantastic opportunity to get your visitors to use their smartphone (BYOD) as multimedia guides and get away from devices that need gathering, storing, collecting or recharge. 

If you believe that a multimedia app is necessary to adhere to social distancing guidelines that may come into place, then the first step you need to take is to sign up your institution for the CloudGuide COVID-19 Summer Offer, here (do not worry, this takes less than 1 minute to complete).

Benefits you will get access to:
3 Months of our Premium Subscription for Free. Engage, inform and entertain. Create rich multimedia guides & tours supported by text, images, audio and video content. You can even make the experience accessible for all ages by transforming your guides into interactive quizzes, treasure hunts and more! We will also help you will all the content migration and uploading, so you have your guides ready in less than a week. 
Exposure. CloudGuide unites all the tourist attractions in one app, therefore you can get exposure to the visitors of all the other sites you will be sharing the platform with. Join over 1000 cultural institutions from 26 countries already on the platform.
Big Data & Audience Studies. Understand the behaviour of your audience: measure the engagement and gain deep insights into your visitors profile with our analytics on visiting patterns, demographics, trends, heat maps, and get to know how audiences engage with your content. For best results, we also cross-reference the visitor data between different institutions to create a 360° profile.
CloudGuide COVID-19 Summer Offer 

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